Product parameter


can be customized according to customer requirements, including video size, button function, battery capacity(Silver foil optional/Gold foil optional)


Available in various sizes (2.4~10 ”).

2.4”screen size : 49x37mm.

4.3”screen  size : 94x53mm.

5”HD  screen size : 108.5×60.5mm.

7”HD  screen  size : 153x89mm.

10”HD  screensize : 216x135mm.


On/Off, video select, play/pause,next/FF,prev/REW,volump up, volume down.


Standard USB charging is available.

Powerful Sales and Marketing Tool

Use video brochures to attract your customers

Companies work long hours to provide customers with the information they need through “another phone call” or “another E-mail. “It often backfires.Now there’s a way to make yourself special, and what better way to do that than with video information?Combine it with the video brochure and you’ve done what many others have failed to do andcaptured the customer’s attention.

Make your different, play a wonderful

How do they work? It’s pretty simple. You open the brochure, andyour video comes on. Each video card is capable of holding from 30seconds up to 8 hours of video. You will be able to customize the size,color, shape, screen size, etc. The design of the brochure is Ocompletely up to you (or we can help you too!). Let your imaginationgo wild because we can handle any size/shape from a box to a folderor even a book!

Details Introduce

Cover content

Here you can add what you want, such as pictures or text.

High definition

It has a high-definition screen, it have a 7 “screen .

Button function

The button can be freely set, (such as volume increase and decrease, sound size adjustment).

Text description

Here you can add some text content (the shell adds the font to gold foil optional or silver foil optional).

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