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Some questions about products for customers

Answer customer questions Q. What kind of material and printing are optional for video brochure? The standard is 350g artpaper with 4C printing. Other materials and printing process are acceptable at your request. Material: 157g, 2500g hadcover, leather, PVC etc. Printing process: Embossing & Embossing&Engraving, UV, hot stamping, spot color printing, double-sided printing, etc. Q. […]

UVC Portable Disinfection Lamp

Here is our new products for disinfection. It is a portable hand-held disinfection lamp and it’s very convenient to carry for just 12.5 cm length. The light of it can destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection. For now, it can easily solve the […]

Touch Screen Video Brochure

As the manufacturer of video brochures, the operation functions of most of our products are controlled by common buttons, such as play/pause, previous/next song, fast forward, fast rewind and volume control, or some products do not need operation functions, so it does not need buttons and controls the play and close of video through magnetic switch or light […]

May the world be safw forever,shiny will be better and better

In this uncertain world, do what we can be sure of.  Persistence is not an easy thing,  to adhere to the faith, until the epidemic haze of Convid 19 cleared, all the work and life returned to normal. Video brochure and music greeting card professional manufacturers, Shiny dedicate to serve you all the time.

Music Card from Shiny

Now it is the 21st century. In the era of so advanced technology, most of the information is transmitted through electronic devices. But why do music cards still have a place in the market? Especially in European and American markets. I think this is a cultural heritage. With the advancement of science and technology, music […]

New Design New Idea New Product New Trend

How do you think of a video brochure? In China’s Baidu Encyclopedia, the video brochure’s definition is this: Video brochure is a new product combining traditional greeting card and MP4 video player. An LCD video player to the traditional greeting card combined it. So it not only has the functions of traditional greeting cards but […]

I Think

When I was young, I dreamed of changing the world; When I grew up, I realized that I couldn’t change the world, I shortened my vision and decided to change my country only; When I worked, I found that I couldn’t change our country. My last wish was to change my family. But this is […]