Touch Screen Video Brochure

As the manufacturer of video brochures, the operation functions of most of our products are controlled by common buttons, such as play/pause, previous/next song, fast forward, fast rewind and volume control, or some products do not need operation functions, so it does not need buttons and controls the play and close of video through magnetic switch or light control.

Some people may not know the touch screen video brochure.

Through the UI designed by the buyer himself, our engineers can edit appropriate codes. In this way, we can realize the touch screen function of video brochure. Different from common keys, touch screen shows more flexible operation mode. Can realize the picture function, can adjust the video playback according to the progress bar. At the same time, people can still freely change the video content through the data line. By increasing the memory, you can use a video brochure to record more meaningful clips and customize your own video greeting card. This will be a unique and precious memory.