gravity sensor disinfection lamp

UVC Portable Disinfection Lamp

Here is our new products for disinfection. It is a portable hand-held disinfection lamp and it’s very convenient to carry for just 12.5 cm length. The light of it can destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection.

For now, it can easily solve the problem of mask shortage. After scanning we can recycle the masks as long as we do n’t go to high-risk areas. We can also use it to scan our phone, computer, infant products, door handle and so on. It can achieve 99% sterilization effect and it’s simple to use and convenient to charge.

The wavelength of our two ultraviolet disinfection lamps are within 290 to ensure safety. And one with gravity sensor function,can be reverse protected to prevent UV damage to the skin and eyes, parallel downward disinfection so you can easily use it without worries.